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Do you like Chuck & Beans? No? Well, do you know anybody ELSE that does? Fine. Sorry I asked. Well, if you should ever meet someone who does, let ’em know they’re on Facebook, now. If you become a fan you get to read all sorts of nifty stuff, like, behind-the-scenes thoughts on what inspired the cartoons, or what I omitted from various backgrounds because they were too hard to draw.


PS:  I swear I will never, ever send you anything Farmville related.

98 thoughts on “Chuck & Beans

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  2. somehow “google” has become synonymous with searching for info on the internet. google is just a company who combined several existing web services into one site. but anyone under 25 may not believe this.

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  4. You guys are all talking about how libraries existed before this and Google isn’t anything special. If you wanted to go to a library you’d have to get in your car, go to the library, find the book, then find the info in the book.

    With google you type in what you want (most people have laptops or something in their living rooms) and it pops up. People are lazy and Google makes it easier to access knowledge.

    The comic made me giggle though, not bad.

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  6. +1 Brian

    There’s a reason people used to “Xerox” instead of copy something or that we use Band-Aids, Kleenex and Rollerblades when describing a product that dominates it’s market. (most estimates have Google completing 90+% of all searches) Now we “Google”. Maybe there are a bunch of people on here who worked for Alta Vista?

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  8. To follow up on Brian’s follow-up…I’m old enough to remember when Lycos was a school project on a server called “Akebono” at Stanford. So what? Like Chris says above, “googling” has become synonymous with using a search engine to find stuff. Who wants to say they’re going to “bing” for something?

    I thought so. :-)

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  24. Brian-

    I commented on your Chuck & Beans Facebook theme the other day, and I want to say “kudos” on this one, too. I love the series – both the art and the humor are great. I included this piece with my latest blog entry. I attributed it to Shoe Box Blog, and linked to the site. See URL below. Thanks.


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  39. Heh, it’s the triviata that I remember not being able to follow-up on. If it was important, you could take the time, but little stuff, no, that just stayed a question mark.

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