49 thoughts on “Chuck & Beans

  1. There is a Venn diagram that clearly explains the differences. I’m shocked (SHOCKED!!) at the number of people that still make that mistake.

  2. nomenclature is the incorrect word.

    it should be moniker

    nomenclature refers to a system of naming

  3. Hey Jason,
    “Moniker” may be more proper, but I’m gonna stand by my wording.

    For example, a delightful clip of the phrase as used in The Big Lebowski:

    PLEASE NOTE: that there are multiple F-bombs dropped in this 21 second clip. So if you’re at work, or are offended by foul language, do NOT click on the youtube link.

    Dorktastically yours,

  4. hehe, I thought it was a big lebowski reference to begin with. amazing comic. keep up the good work.

  5. I’m recalling a favorite headline from The Onion: “Dorkwads, Geekwads sign historic Wad Accord.”
    Thanks for furthering my understanding, Bri.

  6. O.k., I gotta know. When can I gets me a Chuck n’ Beans T-shirt? Any plans for a compilation book? Cuz I’d buy in a minute. Lemme know, ‘kay?

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  12. I’m more impressed that he seems to be running a 4+ color deck, and got four different basic lands out the first four turns. I’d be so mana/colorscrewed if I tried a stunt like that…

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  16. It might just be an indication of age, but I can remember when “geek” referred to someone who bites the heads off live chickens… Does knowing that make me a geek or a nerd?

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  24. And what are people who know the etymology of “dork” (besides pretentious and a little disgusted)?

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  26. I LOVE this comic but I have always thought it the other way. Geeks are the ones with the intelligence that can like reprogram an entire computer in 10 minutes or solve big equations and stuff. I identify as a nerd and have always assumed that meant we tend to be more obsessed with things, have a better sense of style, and tend to be smart in more non academic things like the X-Men family tree or something. Dorks are just goofy people that don’t care about nerdy or geeky stuff, they are just goofy.

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  34. Really? I’ve always said it was the other way around, and that geeks were like “computer geeks” and nerds would be fans, generally of things in the sci-fi genre.

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