21 thoughts on “Chuck & Beans

  1. I’m a geek who was born after Star Trek, but was raised on it, still, and I approve this Comic. [thumbs up]

  2. Actaully, there was a study on this.

    THe Standard rules are Troopers are incredibly inaccurate with their fire. And Red shirts must die.

    What happens is Red Shirts charge the Troopers, Dodging INTO the trooper fire until they finally get into Melee and start trashing the troopers with their TV Kung Fu. The Red Shirts finally win, but they take horrific losses

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  7. But wait, Stormtroopers always miss, but the red shirt demands a hit….I think that counts as dividing by zero.

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  13. ahhhh stormtroopers: they are horrible shots (yet can nail jawas just fine…) and they line up all convenient so you can kill them all with one convenient series of shots from an automatic weapon. And the poor red shirt; never stood a chance against the Killer Snail Of Doom that nibbled his toe in the grass as soon as he beamed down.

    So… Kirk, Scotty, Sulu, and Ensign Ted beam down to the surface. Who’s not coming home except maybe in a baggie?

    fun cartoon, man. more! more! :)

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  15. FINALLY!!
    After much searching, I find the original post of this joke!
    Not to be confused with the unoriginal image the keeps getting passed around that stole your joke.

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