22 thoughts on “Chuck & Beans

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  2. Enjoying thoughtful narratives, wonderful fictional universes and game mechanics as an art.

    And if that doesn’t answer your question: sense of accomplishment.
    Applies to work as well.

  3. I liked a lot.

    A friend of mine had told me once on how life is quite like a RPG game.

    This strip shows it quite clearly.

    I would like to write about it on my blog. Would you mind if I translate the texts on it? (of course respecting the reference to shoeboxblog.com)

    Please let me know.

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  7. It’s weird how both their mouths are open at the same time on almost every frame.. are they talking at the same time?

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  10. Honestly I think the last frame is part of what makes it funny. I take it more as the bunny pointing out the joke to the dog.

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  15. What most non-gamers dont understand is that when ur zoned in it doesnt feel like work at all. Its just really nice to get away from the real world sometimes :P

  16. B-rad, exactly. And difference is that here you actually CHOOSE to grind, where at work you really don’t have choice unless you want to waste months looking for new (and potentially less paid) job.

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