Chuck & Beans

Hey guys, if you like Chuck & Beans be sure to visit the blog all next week. We’re gonna be giving away 2 Chuck & Beans calendars every day! As an added bonus, I’m gonna spend my time today defacing signing and drawing on each one. Or, if you prefer your calendar undoodled, you can always pick up a pristine one here.

18 thoughts on “Chuck & Beans

  1. For the record, guys, we’re still trying to figure out the particulars on how we’re going to be giving them out. Probably a mish-mash of Chuck & Beans trivia questions, lottery-type giveaways and whatever else we can think of. The goal is to try something new everyday.

    Then again, we’re all pre-holiday stressed out as everyone else, so maybe we’ll just push all ten calendars on the first commenter and be done with it. ;)

  2. I hope it’s NOT gonna be open to U.S. residents only! As far as I know, I am Europe’s biggest Chuck and Beans fan. So you simply have to give one calendar to me (i. e. for promotional use in Germany/Europe – I will tell everyone how great it is to get a doodled and defaced Chuck and Beans calendar and how brilliant the whole Shoebox staff is). There’s just no way to avoid this ;)

  3. Same as fabien, I hope it’s not for U.S only, I don’t know anyone being a big fan as I am here in Mexico ;D

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  6. Hey, dbj, I’m afraid they’ve all been given out. Our big winners were: Carsen, Stephen, Ally, and Kit. Elise Mcc and Steve.

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