Eli is a Super Bowl MVP for the second time, which is going to make next Thanksgiving really awkward at the Manning family dinner.

Madonna’s half time show is being called the best ever and the worst ever, which is exactly how Madge wants it.

The Super Bowl commercials featured hot models, CGI bears, hot models, beer, and hot models.  So, once again, a fairly accurate breakdown of our national priorities.

And in even more Superbowl news, M.I.A. apparently threw one up the middle during the halftime show.

A Georgia man accidentally shot himself at a gun show. We believe he was shot in either the fracas or the melee.

San Francisco Airport has opened a yoga room, which they expect stressed-out passengers to use every now and zen.

JFK’s mistress has revealed new details of their affair. In other news, the Beatles might break up soon, and there’s talk of landing a man on the moon!

Mark Zuckerberg is warning a bunch of banks to stop leaking information about Facebook to the media. And the banks are listening, because you do not want Mark Zuckerberg to unfriend you.

A 9-year-old girl is recovering from a six-organ transplant, which means no matter what we do for the rest of our lives, she’ll always be tougher than us.

Eggs are being recalled in 34 states. The company issuing the recall asks that their customers please return their eggs in separate baskets.

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