Santorum swept three states last night.  Very soon now, he’s going to be hearing from a man in a ridiculously expensive suit.  A man who represents the powerful Broom Lobby.  Get it?  Because “swept”?  Hey, you try using political references that don’t offend anybody.

Jen is happy.  Maybe that doesn’t mean much to you.  Maybe you are heartless, some people are.  We and Jen are sorry for you, but you can’t take away her happiness! You can’t!

Apparently, Superbowl ad watchers loves ‘em some flying baby.

The number one source for salt in our diets is bread. Little girls with large umbrellas came in at #4, that Angelina Jolie movie came in #9.

Donald Trump plans to open a luxury hotel in Washington, DC. Way nicer than that Pennsylvania Avenue dump he hoped to move into a few months ago.

And in other rich guy news, Zuckerberg might wind up owing $2 billion in taxes. That’s a 10-HolyCrapAreYouKiddingMe? form.


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