Adele actually won all of the Grammys last night, but she gave some to other people so they wouldn’t feel bad.  They have to return them to her today.

The 2013 budget plan will be presented later today, but here’s a spoiler- everyone gets to have one (1) meal at a semi-nice restaurant once a month if you go entree only, no appetizer, no dessert, or, you can skip the entree and just go with the app and the dessert.  No alcohol.  Soda or ice tea.  Enjoy!

Here’s a list of five apps (the smart phone kind, not the deep fried onion kind) your cat will love. Or, you know, string.

Someone who played Powerball in Rhode Island won $364 million on Saturday. Just think of all the cat apps you can buy with that!

Research shows cutting calories may aid in preventing memory loss.  So you’re thinner, but consumed with memories of how awesome donuts were.

Taylor Swift won a Grammy for “Mean”, which we think is no way to talk about Adele just because she won everything else.

More and more boomers are demanding knee replacement surgery, although they don’t see what the big deal is. All they are saying is give knees a chance.

Mardi Gras wants you to know they’re about more than just topless women. We’ve heard they serve chicken wings at Hooters, too, but we’re not buyin’ it.

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