Malachy the Pekingese is your best in show winner!  But since he’s a dog, he isn’t really aware of that and will not high five you no matter how happy you are for him.

Linsanity” continues in New York where the city has warmly embraced a kid they will turn on in… nope, not yet.  But soon, very soon.

Shakira is resting comfortably after being attacked by a sea lion while vacationing in South Africa. Apparently her hips don’t lion either.

The “food police” took a little girl’s lunch away because it “wasn’t healthy enough.” When we were in high school they just held us upside down by our ankles until our lunch money fell out. The food police are getting craftier.

Scientists are creating “janitor satellites” to clean up junk in space. The satellites are already demanding better benefits, and would like to be known as “sanitation engineer satellites.”

Here are the “100 Greatest Books for Kids” which, hopefully, kids won’t sit on a stack of while they play video games.

The Simpsons hit 500 episodes. Cast and crew gathered to eat Bart’s shorts in celebration.

Tiny lizards have been found in Madagascar. So, apparently, not that tiny.

No matter how bad your Valentine’s Day was, it could have been worse.

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