The U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has so far found no nuclear dogs, but won’t it be awesome when they do?  Nuclear cats would obviously be a nightmare, but dogs? Awesome.

Linsanity continues to gain lintensity as Jeremy Lin continues to do stuff that makes you want to work his name into words.

A woman in New Mexico is headed to trial after stealing a $2 pumpkin. Let this serve as a reminder to all of you that seasonal decor doesn’t pay.

Lindsay Lohan will host Saturday Night Live in March so get ready to feel really good about yourself.

Mars is getting rid of its “King-Size” candy bars which means the fancy neighborhoods will have no choice but to hand out twenties on Halloween.

If you were wondering if the whole “six degrees of separation” thing works with kidneys, well, probably not. And you’re a little weird. But this comes close, anyway.

Not brushing your teeth can cause them to rot, and apparently now brushing your teeth can cause them to break. We’ve decided it’s worth the risk, and you can interpret that however you want to.

Just because there’s snow down South doesn’t mean there’s not smoke in the chimney. Or something like that.

John Glenn went into space 50 years ago on this date, and, within just a few short years, hippies all over San Francisco had joined him.

They’ll teach your dog to surf at a hotel in California. They tried cats, but the workman’s comp prices were prohibitive.

Sinead O’Connor just wants to be herself. So if you wanted to be Sinead O’Connor, better go with the backup career path.

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