We’ve seen fire, and we’ve seen rain.  We’ve also seen Matt Kenseth eventually winning the Daytona 500, but that doesn’t fit the lyrics.

What’s that you say?  Still suffering from Oscar fever?  All right, here’s a few more gowns.  Feeling better?  Good.  The next one is just under a year away, it’ll be here in no time.

The world’s tallest and fattest penguin was discovered last week. This just in, the penguin was actually just a caterer in an unfortunate tux. Unfortunate tux people, back to work.

First, the man takes the Google. Then the Google takes the Google. Then the Google takes the man.

They’re trying to eliminate fighting from Junior Hockey. First plan: change the name to Junior Huggy.

Researchers are investigating something called “bat flu” in yet another attempt to label vampires as second-class citizens.

If you know what’s good for you, you won’t pick Notre Dame in your March Madness bracket. Apparently Rudy graduated a long time ago.

Is flying a plane as easy as driving a car? Well, we’re guessing it’s a little harder to spit out the window.

Some cows “ran amok” at a rodeo. However, one should probably expect at least a little bit of amok at a rodeo. Walking amok at a minimum.

And in cow-related news, can ice cream be addictive? We’ll give you the scoop after our morning pint.

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