Your bread contains lots of salt. And, if you’re lucky, lots of peanut butter and some banana slices that are past the “just eatin’ a banana” stage, but not yet to the “banana bread only” stage.

Students at a Kentucky school are no longer allowed to talk in the hallway. The rule has resulted in several wordless dance fights over the past week, so it’s totally working.

If you’re afraid of spiders, they’ll be bigger to you than everyone else. So we’re hoping the same applies to tax refunds. Because we’re really scared of tax refunds. Really.

Forget zombies. It’s pepper jack cheese that’s really taking over the world.

A couple is getting to spend their 60th anniversary at the Waldorf Astoria for $16.82, the rate they paid in 1952.  But if they get a movie, it’s 16 hundred bucks.

A Utah woman has had three babies born on leap days.  The math is a little complicated, but she saves like crazy on cake.

It’s almost time for March Madness. Start learning all of the team colors now, because that’s probably how you’re going to win your bracket.

If you’re addicted to praise, then good for you! You rock! We really think you’re awesome! There, now you should be okay for a while, so why don’t you go get some help?

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