It’s Super Tuesday. Still, that’s no reason to be that guy who goes around at work all day saying, “Have a SUPER Tuesday!” Nobody likes that guy.

It’s also the 100th Birthday of the Oreo cookie, in case you were short on ways to explain your morning Oreos.

Snooki isn’t just pregnant, she’s also engaged.  Hard hitting news, that’s our thing.

Madonna is considering a marriage proposal from her 24-year-old boyfriend.  Or adopting him.  Whichever.

A “bounty” scandal is causing shock and controversy among people who don’t know how football works.

An arrow in an archery contest injured a man. It was an accident, and not an elaborate promotional stunt for Hunger Games, opening March 23rd at a theater near you!

Jason Segel won’t be in the Muppet sequel, following the shocking discovery that he is, in fact, not a puppet.

A robot cheetah can do 18 mph on a treadmill. Fortunately for the robot gazelle, it can do 19.

A 90-year-old woman is teaching an aerobics class, proving that you’re never too old to make the rest of us feel horrible about ourselves.

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