Super Tuesday cleared up some things, and uncleared up some other things and mostly was a big, big win for commentators and people who sell political ads.

This high school senior is also a mayor. You can find him down at the newly named Cheesy Bread Is Awesome City Hall.

If you’re wondering how much the iPad has changed our lives in the last two years, we’ll tell you. Just give us a minute to finish this level of Angry Birds.

Bad plumbing is causing toilets to explode in a college dorm. Well, bad plumbing and dining hall tater tots.

New research shows that ambitious people don’t necessarily win the “game of life.” But they rock at Chutes & Ladders.

The “Chicken Ranch” madam is dead at 84.  She inspired a movie, a ZZ Top song, and a lot of people accidentally ordering the chicken to go.

A cop who used her patrol car to deliver a mattress has been suspended, so you may as well forget about that pizza.

It’s topless pool season in Las Vegas. So now “double down” has two meanings.

Here’s how short guys can dunk. First, grasp the donut firmly in the right hand…

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