Julianne Moore is set to play Sarah Palin in a TV movie.  No word on whether Tina Fey is working on a “Julianne Moore impersonating Sarah Palin” impersonation.

The solar storm wasn’t so hot. (It’s Friday. Lame wordplay counts as funny on Fridays.)

A 59-year-old man works out with NFL pros in what we’re calling the most dedicated effort to make us feel bad ever.

Some guy has donated blood 500 times. They’re thinking of just installing a faucet in his arm.

People in California are throwing a party for a giant boulder. There are so many “rock” puns spinning in our heads right now that we probably should just move on before we pass out. Friday “lame wordplay” rule notwithstanding.

Here’s Johnny Depp as Tonto. He’s supposed to be on some kind of spiritual quest. So our guess is the bat on his head supplies directions with radar.

Lottery winners are fighting over whether they bought a ticket as group or as individuals.  Guess which guy is leaning toward “individual”?

Some commuters are saving big with natural gas “stations” right in their own garages.  And as an added bonus, they can get those prehistoric rolling-grill-thing hot dogs any time they want!

Here are some ways to exercise an aging brain. Thanks, but we’ll just keep writing Newsdroppings.

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