President Obama says people will blame him for high gas prices. See? Who says politicians are wrong all the time?

Do not click here if you don’t want to see what happened on the Bachelor.  But trust us, you probably do not want to see what happened.

What will happen in the Southern primaries today?  The only thing we know for sure is that “in Birmingham they love the gov’ner.”

Some employees waste time at work making their March Madness picks.  Others don’t waste time because they pick really, really well.  Go Jayhawks!

A strip club helped sponsor a Little League team by donating $1,200 dollars in singles.

If you get a call from Chuck Norris, don’t be alarmed! He’s not going to roundhouse kick you through the telephone! Which he can do, by the way, so count your blessings.

Here’s photographic proof that the Northern Lights are awesome. But remember, the  south still has that “love the gov’ner” thing goin’ for it.

And the good thing about photographing the Northern Lights as opposed to, say, a lion, is that the Northern Lights won’t eat your camera and then you have to wait two days to get it back and you’re not really sure you want it anymore.

No, really, don’t click here. But we may never watch The Bachelor again

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