Here’s something that will either make you feel a tiny bit better or way, way worse about gas prices.

Enjoyed that mild winter, did you? How do you feel about ticks?

In other weather news, Arizona was hit with a rare snowstorm today. This is the meteorological equivalent of the popular kid getting picked last for kickball for once.

UPS is buying Dutch shipping company TNT in a bid to takeover the entire alphabet.

Snooki is on track to be the best mom ever… in the “Moms named Snooki” category.

Carnegie Hall is seeking the best blogger in America. We’re just happy there’s finally a new punchline for the “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” joke.

A whistle blower has received an 18 million dollar settlement, so she’s going to be buying some crazy nice whistles now.

If you remember the original cast of 21 Jump Street, there’s a pretty good chance you missed the movie because you were busy yelling at kids to get off your lawn or complaining about the government or sweating the miles per gallon of your RV.  You’re old, is what we’re hinting at.

Here are some tips on how to hide your home theater. We’re no experts, but we’d recommend going with one of those awesome rotating bookcase walls, maybe with a secret passageway on the other side.

How’s your bracket?  If you answered, “not good”, we understand.  Also, if you just threw coffee on your computer, we also understand.

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