100 years later, we continue to be fascinated by the Titanic and the enduring story of how it’s better to be rich.

Kate Winslet says watching Titanic makes her cringe. See? Movie stars really are just like the rest of us.

If you have enough money you can kiss pretty much anyone you want, as long as it’s “for charity”.  And remember, you are not the charity.

Here’s possibly the friendliest biker bar ever.

People who have an allergy to chocolate may actually have an allergy to the insect parts found in most candy bars. Hey, it beats coconut.

Good news for senior travelers: If you’re 75 or older, you can keep your shoes on at airport security. Shoes, corduroy bedroom slippers, whatever.

Giant nine-pound rats have invaded Key West, and unless they learn to operate a glass bottom boat or a bed & breakfast, they’re being asked to leave.

Chocolate may help people stay slim, according to the headline of an article we didn’t read because we were worried it might say something about moderation. Or bug parts.

At last! A way to put yourself in the Abby Road album cover without flying to London and risking death by posing in traffic! Progress! It rocks!

One thought on “Newsdroppings

  1. Duuuuudes! You shoulda looked a little closer to home for the pedal bar. Some guys run one out of Lawrence and they come into Waldo all the time. I was getting gas at 79th and Wornall one day and it pedaled right into the gas station with a bunch of shouting happy people on it. Looked like tons of fun. They even have a facebook page.

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