You may have missed the trailer for the trailer for the trailer, but here’s your chance to see the trailer for the trailer.

Turns out that Jessica Simpson pregnant looks like… most of us.  So that’s comforting?   Sort of?  In a way?

Golfers “played through” as a fire burned in the rough.  This is no surprise to the wives of golfers, who are used to them mentally checking out of entire detailed stories about shopping or requests to “have a look at the garbage disposal”.

The 26 dollar hot dog is being marketed as kind of a novelty.  But still no explanation on the 12 dollar beer.

A helium shortage is having a serious impact on companies that rely on balloon sales. Also, companies that rely on talking in high chipmunk voices.

Here’s a phone that you can unlock with your face. But the trick is not to bash your face into the phone over and over again and yelling “UNLOCK!” Trust us on this one.

Siri is saying it can do lots of things that it apparently can’t actually do. Reality show negotiations are currently underway.

One lucky student with perfect attendance will win a cool new car.  Sadly, that student will probably be such a dork that even a new car won’t help.

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