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  2. Hi John, thanks for writing in. Those ARE similar cartoons, both in theme and even their composition. That said, I can honestly say I’d never seen your cartoon, or any of your work prior to today (nice stuff, btw).

    The genesis of my cartoon was from a recent update on my friend Stacy’s facebook page. He had just unfriended someone he had reconnected with from his high school days over some overtly offensive stuff the guy had posted. He even posted a screenshot of what the guys said and their consequential back and forth.

    In the comments beneath I wrote “Facebook is great for reconnecting with old friends, if only to remember why you stopped keeping in touch with them in the first place.” My comment got a handful of likes, and it occurred to me that it might make a decent cartoon.

    I assure you I’m no fan of plagiarism and have personally gone after others I’ve seen blatantly lifting stuff from our blog and calling it their own.

    That said, I’ve also seen incidents where people have done very similar cartoons to myself by sheer coincidence. For example, a few years ago I posted a Easter Island cartoon and shortly afterwards I saw a comic at Savage Chickens with a very similar premise/composition. I love his stuff and left a comment saying something to the extent of “great minds think alike”. Our blog was in its infancy at the time and getting virtually zero traffic, so I’m sure he didn’t steal it from me. Just a lousy coincidence. Still, I was happy I was on the same wavelength as someone I respected.

    Hope this clears things up a little.

    All the best,

  3. Most people believe that there are no two snowflakes exactly alike. Why shouldn’t they believe that way? They’ve heard it since elementary school.
    In fact, mathematicians know that it happens. The possibility of no two being the same is extremely improbable, bordering on impossible.
    How many people write in blogs everyday?

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  7. I don’t find the comics that similar honestly.
    Not to sound too dismissive of the whole plagiarism issue, but the idea “Facebook is connecting me with people I’d forgotten how much i hate” is fairly played- I’ve seen it lots before. Each of you has your own spin but I’m guessing that if you’re looking for prior art on the concept you’d be able to find lots.
    I do dislike the notion of having to google a comic idea before creating it to see if it’s been done before.
    Holy hell. Google Young Wizard coming of age and see if you can’t find something prior to Harry Potter… don’t even start me on Twilight.
    Anyway, no foul. It was all contact with the ball. Play on.

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  11. Seriously, John?

    First off, do you google every single idea that you come up with for a comic. Google isn’t to tell you if it’s a good idea if it’s a bad idea or if somebody else has done something similar before.

    Both comics feature a guy sitting at a computer, alone, complaining about social media. That’s it for similarity. I’m sure that you be able to find hundreds of thousands of similar comics also not derived from yours. In fact I wonder if yours is derived from someone else’s!

    There’s a thing known as simultaneous invention where one person comes up with an idea independent of someone else also coming up that same idea at near the same time. Also known as coincidence.

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