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  2. The technology in Star TREK is starting to look dated. The technology in Star Wars just looks like it’s from another dimension with a completely different technological background, which is how it’s supposed to look. Although the special effects in Star Wars definitely do look dated.

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  6. Uhh, you reversed the positions of the “sender” and “recipient” messages. I suppose you did this because of comic conventions, but it’s really glaring for those of us used to the layout of texts on iPhones. I think it would worked fine as far as comic legibility to do it the right way though.

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  8. That’s a keen eye you have there, Jane! As you guessed, I flipped the orientation for the sake of having it read quicker for the cartoon.

    If anyone else asks, though, I’m just gonna say it’s how all the Alderaan iPhones work.

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  12. Wow … I came here to make a comment about the flipped iPhone messages, but another Jane already pointed it out. Go Janes! :)

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