5 thoughts on “Pilgrim Sexy Talk

  1. I enjoyed this cartoon.

    I also shared it with American friends, one of whom (who usually does his research) tells me (and this isn’t knocking the cartoon – I just found it interesting):

    1) They didn’t dress that way until a century later. They were more colourful than we given them credit for.
    2) While they were down on unwedded sex, they were pretty much up for anything once married.
    3) The view we have today of pilgrims is really a view of Cotton Mather. Cotton Mather wasn’t the only pilgrim. If he spoke out against something, there’s a good chance it was because the other pilgrims were doing it frequently. Basing our views of the pilgrims on him is like “basing your entire view of 20th century America on Billy Graham”.

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