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  1. This has to be my favorite comic in the series thus far. I’m getting a very warm, toasty feeling right now. It’s good to know that Chuck, being such a born worrier, has someone to lean on. Whenever he has a gripe about social networks, Beans is there. Whenever he’s been rejected by a girl, Beans is there. Whenever he needs someone to watch Star Wars with, Beans is there. A treasureable bond, and no mistake.

    Cheers Brian, here’s hoping your family has a happy new year, and we hear much more from Chuck and Beans in the coming months. I’m on the edge of my seat every morning when I check for the Behind the Scenes video. Perhaps one day, we’ll see Chuck and Beans animated. I’m sure they’d hold their own as a prime-time show, or at least on the Hallmark network as bumper commercials. Your thoughts?

    In good faith, and with lots of admiration and respect for my favorite web comic artist,


  2. Wow.
    Well, I guess Christmas has come early for me!
    Thank you, Christopher, for your ridiculously thoughtful note (and Peter and Thomas, too).

    It’s hard to muster up the energy some weeks, but kind notes like yours are the biggest motivator.

    That said, let’s keep expectations for the behind the scenes video to a minimum, OK?
    There’s good reason why I let a dog and bunny do most of my PR for me. :)

    As for seeing them animated, I’d be all for it. Right now, though, I’m just trying to figure out a way to get them on a couple tee-shirts.
    Baby steps, I suppose.

    Thanks again for the kindest note I’ve received in a while.
    I’ll try not to disappoint in 2013.

    All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

  3. This was an awesome, awesome comic. Just written so well – the “space” in the 4th panel while he thinks – then the wording of the final message. Great stuff.

  4. I see. It’s good to know you’re humble about your work, not parading it at every chance possible, and at the same time, are well aware of your limits as a web artist. And while I’m still excited for the BtS Feature, I’ll remember to be happy for whatever results I get. And thank you very much for responding to your fanbase. Again, you’re very modest, and are very generous to regularly attend to your many followers.

  5. For the record- intentional :)
    Kudos for noticing, Tracey.

    And thank YOU, kidsmom, for reading and for your kindness.

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  7. I’ve been an avid follower of Chuck and Beans since I came across a really witty comic about blog posts, comments, and spelling mistakes a few years ago now :) For the record, Chuck and Bean’s URL is linked as the “second favorite” website on my Yelp profile ;)

    Since then, sometimes I find myself logging on to this page unconsciously during Fridays just to look at the week’s newest comic. You have a lot of talent, and I really think C&B rivals any syndicated newspaper comic!

    Happy holidays and thanks for all the joy that’s C&B! I hope you keep drawing, in 2013, 2014, 2015, and all the way beyond :)

    ps. If I send you a copy of the calendar, would you autograph it for me? (serious :P)

  8. That’s super kind of you to say, Chris! And I would be more than flattered to sign a calendar for you.
    Heck, I’ll sign somebody else’s calendar, if you’d like.
    I’m not proud.

    Will contact you via email.


  9. Nice comic, but this very much reminds of a Calvin & Hobbes strip, right down to having the discussion on a bridge.

    Were you inspired by Calvin & Hobbes for this one? I’d have to go through my collection at home to try and find the similar themed strip.

  10. Hey, Smorges.
    I believe the whole bridge motif was first done, or at least made iconic, in Charles Schulz’s Peanuts strips.
    Though similar scenes have been done in Calvin & Hobbes, for sure.
    Those two strips are far and away my biggest influences and I tip my hat/ pay homage to them often.

    Mind you, some would argue that by “homage” I mean “rip off”- but I try and stay closer to the side of homage.

  11. I still get goosebumps every time I read this one. I endlessly adore your work. Greetings from Slovakia :)

  12. There’s something about “Every damn day, pal” that is touching… I love how you evoke the feeling of a burden not just willingly carried, but cherished.

    You officially made my RSS Reader list today :)

  13. Love this comic, its been my background for my laptop since I first saw it. Any chance of getting a print I can put in my office?

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