6 thoughts on “Chuck & beans

  1. God knows I’m not the first guy to crack a joke about internet procrastination and I can’t be the first guy to notice that Pac Man Fever didn’t age tremendously well. But can you clue me in to what comic you’re talking about, W?
    If I inadvertently plagiarized something that I read and forgot I read, I’ll gladly take down this week’s comic. But I assure you I’d never willfully rip off another cartoonist’s joke.

  2. For the record this comic originally was written including the factoid that the Mario character in Donkey Kong was actually called Jumpman, though the name was never mentioned in the game- but that seemed overly complicated to explain in a single word balloon. Very late in the game I googled video game trivia and stumbled across the puck man thing. Seemed like a quicker thing to grasp and lots funnier, too.

    Honestly I had no recollection of this also being in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (I saw the movie once, years ago and I have a horrible memory). I do have complete recollection of stumbling across that trivia around 1AM the night before I posted the comic and hastily doing a rewrite, though.

    Sorry if it seemed like I was trying to rip off a scene from the movie and/or the comic. I’ve cribbed plenty of stuff from movies previously, but it’s always added with the hope that fans will notice and get a kick out of the homage. This wasn’t one of those occasions.

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