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  1. Thanks for the link, Robin. I agree, things have gotten better and now there are some decent female protagonists in video games. But like the comic says, I was specifically commenting on classic-era video games. Back then, your choice of strong females consisted of a surprise ending (Metroid’s “Wait, I’ve been playing as a girl?”) or a creepily sexed-up (at least on the video game cabinet artwork) version of Pac-Man.

  2. Not to forget Johanna Dark of Perfect Dark fame who saved a crazed computer with a unibrow and a bad attitude, Dr. Carrington the most inept professor ever, and Elvis the ‘Merican fashion savvy alien. Kya from Kya: Dark Lineage, the bracelets of power/boomarangs of destruction savior of the Nativs, who was kicking all the boys in her families butt to kingdom come. There’s also side scrolling game Odin’s Sphere which has not one but three main heroines, Gwendolyn, Mercedes, and Velvet. And Velvet? Yeah, massive nunchuck-like diamonds. Cause obviously diamonds are a girls best friend.

  3. I often don’t even include Ms. Pacman. Mostly because she’s just a girl version of a male character, like Minnie Mouse.

    I ask people who make gripes about this issue to name me 10 characters from videogames from 1980-95 to name me a game that stars a girl who isn’t a gender flipped version of a guy character. Save Metroid, (who almost shouldn’t count), and those couple of Kings Quest games where the queen or the princess was running around, they usually can’t give me a complete list.

    It’s a little better now, going off of more recent games you CAN flesh out a list, but they’re usually rather lackluster, full of the two or three everyone can agree on and a bunch of people from games that you probably forgot about because their games weren’t very good. ( And all my favorites are usually silent protagonists.)

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  5. Since you are specifically talking about classic era games, seriously, how many great “characters” are there at all? They are simply stand ins for the gamer’s self, I cannot think of one that actually develops as a character inside the confines of their game. They simply complete the game.

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  7. Just in case you’ve never heard of it (which most haven’t), there is a game on the NES called The Guardian Legend made by iREM, the creators of R-Type. It is a half Zelda, half Vertical shooter that starts a female cyborg. It’s a FANTASTIC game with an AMAZING OST. You should definitely check it out. I was surprised as a child that both Metroid (which apparently as a child I was a badass because I got the bathing suit ending and was confused) and The Guardian Legend had female main characters. It kind of made me happy, even though I’m a male and I was only a kid then.

  8. @Aros: Man, I love IREM games. Almost as good as SunSoft’s. Anyway, didn’t know about this particular title, will need to check this out. Sounds like fun.

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