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final C&B

It’s with no small amount of mixed emotions that I must announce that Chuck & Beans is going on
hiatus.Truth is, after six years (!) I was feeling a little burned out and I felt it was beginning to effect the
quality of the comic. My hope is that with some time off I can bring it back with the same level of
excitement I had when I first started the strip. Until then, I hope you’ll stick around to see what I and all
my crazy-talented friends and co-workers come up with.

If I haven’t said it enough, my deepest thanks to everyone who took the time over the years to tell me how
much they’ve enjoyed the strip. It made all the difference in the world.


58 thoughts on “Chuck & Beans

  1. Brian, it was great running into you at Planet Comicon this year, so I could tell you how much Chuck & Beans means to me. I hope this is a short hiatus, but I want to thank you for the lovable characters you’ve brought to life. You’ve given your readers some wonderful laughs and happy memories. Best of luck to you in your next adventure!

  2. Really love the comics. Will miss Chuck & Beans, but you have earned a break. Have fun, thanks for everything. As of now its almost December, so Merry Christmas as well from Canada!

  3. Brian, thank you for all the awesome comics. I really love C&B and get immense joy whenever it pops up on my RSS. I regularly promote/share your comics and wait for the day that you return.

    Please consider doing an Xmas (and NYE) comic.

    A huge fan from Sydney.

  4. Thanks for one of the best comics there is.
    I for one hope you someday return to it, but for now hope you enjoy your break.
    Thanks and Merry Christmas from Sweden.

  5. :( I’ll miss Chuck & Beans. :(
    I wish for you a rejuvenating rest & look forward to your return.
    Thank you so much for making me laugh – especially on days I needed it most.

  6. still checking for updates once in a while. What would be really nice, even if the strip will not be continued would be some nice C&B merchandising :)

    I would love to have a nice calender or a nice mug in my office :)

  7. On the 1 year anniversary of Chuck and Bean’s retirement (?), I still find myself returning here.

    It felt like ages since they were gone! As always, I respect whatever decision you make, but just know if they were to return, there will still be loyal readers :)

    Hope you are well!

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